How long does shipping take?

Our current processing time is 3-5 BUSINESS days. This does NOT include weekends or holidays. We process all shipments in order of when they were received. You WILL receive a shipping notification via email. If you have not received a notification past 5 BUSINESS days, please let us know.

Can I return something if it broke after being worn? 

No. Due to our items being predominately costume jewelry, we do not offer a lifetime guarantee or warranty on our pieces. We will not replace or refund you for your items that are damaged with normal wear and tear. This includes metals "turning". Because this can occur from a variety of things like a person's PH Balance, perfume, sweat, showers, hot-tub use etc., We cannot prevent this from happening to everyone and therefore cannot replace or refund you if this occurs. 

Is your jewelry nickel free?

All Onyx & Ash pieces are both nickel and lead compliant. Meaning they meet the standards for the amount of both these present in the jewelry and are safe for wear. If you are allergic to either of these, we advise you to only purchase jewelry that states it is ‘Nickel & Lead Free’.

What is your return policy?

No returns or exchanges are accepted, period. UNLESS you receive the incorrect item. If that is the case, please email us at onyxandash@gmail.com within 1 day of the items arrival with photos of the incorrect item so that we can assist you. We have a strict return/exchange policy due to the nature of our items and our health and safety standards. 

What happens if my package was broken or lost by USPS?

If your package ships without insurance, Onyx & Ash is NOT responsible for lost or undelivered packages that are the fault of USPS. We will not replace or refund these items if you choose to not insure them. We STRONGLY advise picking the free shipping + insurance option. If your package is delivered to an incorrect address provided by you at checkout or you receive an item damaged/broken by USPS, Onyx & Ash will not provide a refund for that order. You will need to address your local USPS office for assistance. 

Why does my piece not look exactly like the product image? 

Most of our items include natural stones. Each piece may vary slightly from the next and we like it this way! This means every piece is unique. Gemstones occur in nature and will naturally vary in color shape and size and can have peaks and divots and imperfections. No two are the same and none will be "perfect".

Have more questions? Send us an email at onyxandash@gmail.com